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Facebook is funding a transit line from Redwood City to the East Bay along the Dumbarton Rail in a partnership called “Cross-Bay Transit Partners”.

North Fair Oaks, a historically underserved majority-minority community, is being skipped over as a potential transit station location serving the heart of the neighborhood.

JOIN US in urging Facebook to prioritize a full-service transit station at Middlefield Road.

Preliminary charts from Facebook’s transit partnership, Cross-Bay Transit Partners, showed the project skipping through the Middlefield Junction area of North Fair Oaks without a planned station.

More than your average Peninsula suburb, Middlefield Junction in North Fair Oaks is an ideal transit station due to being walking distance to the existing Health Center, Library, Community Center, thousands of planned housing units and +1,000,000 square feet of new office space at the Stanford Redwood City campus.

“We need a station at north fair oaks. This community has been neglected for too long. If the rail road was to go active without a station it will only put this community further behind.” George Saman

Commercial properties surrounding Middlefield Junction recently concluded the North Fair Oaks Community Plan, more than ten years in the making. The new building standards promote dense affordable housing surrounding a “Potential Multi-Modal Transit Hub” at or near Middlefield Junction.

 North Fair Oaks is squeezed between the Silicon Valley goliaths of Facebook, Stanford’s Redwood City campus, Atherton, and booming Downtown Redwood City. Our neighborhood needs to not feel forgotten about for once – and have regional support for a full-service transit station connecting North Fair Oaks, our community resources, and future affordable housing with the rest of Silicon Valley.

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